Bridging Business and Peace

Have you ever considered the profound connection between the everyday products and services you use and the concept of peace? It might seem surprising, but the comforts and conveniences of our modern lives – from the clothes we wear to the food we eat and the technology we use – are integral to the many peaces we experience now and again. This insight is at the heart of my work: bringing peace into the business world.

My Journey: From Business to Peace

My academic journey began with a Bachelor's degree in International Business at Aalto University, driven by a curiosity about the interplay between business and society. This curiosity led me to pursue three Master's degrees and a Doctor of Science in Business Administration, not as a planned path to accumulate degrees, but as the most effective way to delve deeply into topics I was passionate about. Each step, each degree, was a natural progression in my quest to understand and promote the integration of peace in business.

Why Peace?

The idea of peace is often misunderstood. It's not just the absence of war or conflict; it's a positive state of well-being that permeates all aspects of life. For me, peace is the ultimate goal for improving the world. Business, which involves 90% of the global workforce, holds immense potential to foster this peace. See the previous blog post for a longer answer on what peace actually is.

The Entrepreneurial Vision

Unlike traditional paths where the goal is to remain in academia to pursue research, my vision extends beyond these boundaries. My aim is to embed peace into the very fabric of business practices – in reality, not just in theory – making it a standard rather than an exception. This vision includes developing and promoting concepts like the Business Peace Index and the ladder of morality, tools designed to measure and encourage peace-centric business practices.

The Million Dollar Question: How?

How do we get to a world where business truly claims its role as a peace-fostering force? First of all, it is critical to understand that business already has a tremendous positive impact on peace. In fact, I argue that business is, by far, the biggest peacemaker in the world (after conflict transformation, what peace research teaches, and spirituality: the more inner peace we have, the more outer peace we get). However, there's a long way to go. The more ethical a business operates, the more peace it creates. Here are some concrete steps:
  1. Public Awareness: Bringing the idea of peace into public discussions through books, articles, and talks. It's absolutely crucial that we focus on what peace is (rather than what it is not). Most people don't even know what peace is or that it can be studied. If we want the world to be more peaceful – and if we want business to have more positive impacts – then we should study peace.
  2. Practical Implementation: We need forerunner companies willing to the a courageous leap and proclaim their pro-peace stance. Once these companies adopt peace-tools such as the Business Peace Index and the Ladder of Morality, others will follow – and the whole world will become step-by-step more peaceful.
  3. Policy Influence: Collaborating with institutions like the United Nations to embed peace-oriented practices at a policy level is of utmost importance.
If you, dear reader, know any contacts in relevant institutions, whether in for-profit companies that may be interested in peace or any other governmental or non-governmental organizations, please let me know!

The Role of Businesses in Promoting Peace

Businesses already contribute significantly to peace in ways we often overlook. Think about the peace you feel right now while reading this blog. It’s enabled by countless products and services: the comfortable clothes you wear, the chair you sit on, the device you use, the internet connection that brings this content to you. These elements of peace are produced by ordinary businesses, not just social entrepreneurs, but for-profit companies striving for success. These businesses have an immense, often unrecognized impact on global peace.

The Future: Peace as a Standard Business Practice

Drawing parallels with the rise of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability in the 70s and 80s, I believe peace will similarly become a mainstream business practice within the next decade. It’s a shift that’s already underway, and with focused effort, it can accelerate. Peace is the new Sustainability! I will soon publish the next blog post on this idea. If you would like to get notified, please let me know.

Join the Movement

If this vision resonates with you, and you’re curious about how your business or organization can contribute to this transformative journey, I invite you to book a call with me on Calendly. Let’s explore together how we can make peace a fundamental goal of business, creating a more harmonious and prosperous world for all.
Let's take the first step towards making peace the purpose of business. Together, we can create lasting, positive change.
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