Interested in making your company truly a force for good? How to find and improve your company's purpose? How to maximize your positive impact on society according to research-based insights? Need help with a handprint analysis? Contact us now.
Peace is the new Sustainability.

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Handprint analyses, strategy development, corporate peace impact assessments, research

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The Purpose of Business is Peace: to generate peace, to foster peace, and to contribute to all levels of peace – and to be profitable at the same time. Yet, profits are not the purpose of business, they are a nice side-effect, a corroborating enabler, of business.
Dr. Tilman Bauer
Our Consulting Services
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At, we are on a mission to redefine the way businesses contribute to a peaceful and positive world. As part of our commitment to innovation and progress, we are excited to announce the launch of our pilot program for upcoming services listed above.

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Early Access to Cutting-Edge Solutions: As a pilot customer of, you will be among the first to experience and influence our groundbreaking services designed to maximize positive peace impact. Be at the forefront of a new era in responsible business.

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Exclusive Pricing and Benefits: Enjoy exclusive pricing and benefits as a thank you for being a trailblazer with Your early commitment to positive impact will be rewarded as we grow together.

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Express Your Interest: Let us know you're interested in being a pilot customer by filling out our expression of interest form (link coming soon). Share a bit about your organization and your mission.

Collaborative Discovery Session: We'll schedule a collaborative discovery session with your team to understand your specific needs and discuss how our services can best align with your goals.

Participate in Co-Creation Workshops: Join us in co-creation workshops where we'll collaborate on shaping the services to ensure they deliver maximum value to your organization.

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What you get from a Peace Impact Assessment
With a peace impact assessment, you can:
  • 1
    Distinguish yourself
    from your competitors in your marketing
  • 2
    Find your company's purpose
    that goes beyond mere profit maximization
  • 3
    Charge more
    as your customers recognize the peace impact that you bring
  • 4
    Have more arguments
    about why and how your company provides value to society (for example, when talking with the government) and for attracting responsible investors
  • 5
    Increase employee levels of excitement
    through a crystal-clear sense of purpose and commitment
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