Coaching Plans
50 € per month
Weekly Group Coaching
Get in touch
100 € per month
Unlimited Personalized Coaching (Chat)
Get in touch
1000 € per month
Unlimited Personalized Coaching (Calls)
Get in touch
Life Coaching
Coaching for PhD Students
Peace Coaching
Business Coaching
Coaching Plan Comparison
Group Coaching
Unlimited Personalized Coaching (Chat)
Unlimited Personalized Coaching (Calls)
50 € per month
100 € per month
1000 € per month
Join weekly group sessions on Zoom with other clients. Includes access to group discussions and resources. Ideal for those looking for a supportive community.
One-on-one coaching via WhatsApp messaging. Personalized guidance and support. Ideal for those needing specific advice and flexible communication.
Comprehensive, unlimited coaching including unlimited calls and full support tailored to whatever you need. Ideal for those looking for a premium, all-in service.
Coaching Format
Group Sessions
Calls and Messages
Coaching Frequency
Number of Coaching Calls
1 group call per week
Unlimited one-on-one
Communication Method
Zoom and WhatsApp
Unlimited Personalized Guidance
Customized Homework Assignments
Feedback on Assignments
Personalized Goal Setting
Action Plans
Quarterly Personal Reviews
Accountability and Progress Check-Ins
Expert Guidance Tailored to Your Specific Needs and Challenges
Guaranteed Steady Progress and Success If You Do the Work
Personalized Assistance with Skill Development Related to Your Needs and Challenges
Personalized Assistance with Influencing the Subconscious Mind for Success
Personalized Emotional Support, Encouragement, and Strategies
Access to Exclusive Online Community
Ideal For
Webinar lovers
Chat lovers
Coaching call lovers
What Our Clients Say
  • Yasser S.
    "Tilman's mentorship was very great for me and transformative. I am satisfied with your coaching and appreciate it."
  • Hery Henry
    ”Tilman supported coaching groups for my coaching organisation Empowermotion. His contribution was important to the success of a complex, large group setting.”
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